Day: February 21, 2020

My Boyfriend and I Fight About the Same Thing

My Boyfriend and I Fight About the Same Thing – 5 Experts Reveal Ways To Avoid More Blow Ups in the Future

Going thru a break-up can be difficult. Especially if you were with the person for a significant amount of time or invested a lot of your life to them. Many people feel jealous once they find out this person is with someone else. I’m hoping to offer you some helpful ways to get over them and move on! I want to note before you begin reading, this is for people who truly want to get over a relationship.

Am I Obsessed With Him Or in Love

Am I Obsessed With Him Or in Love? – 7 Experts Share Their Best Tips + Strategies To Distinguish Between the Two

The best way to tell the difference between obsession and healthy love is to inquire within. What are the motives behind your feelings? Obsession most often reigns from a “needy” position and healthy love often reigns from a “wanting” position. The difference between the two is: Obsession is trying to fill a void inside oneself through the presence of a partner. Healthy love is already “full” but desires a partner to share his/her life with.

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