Day: March 6, 2020

How To Be More Feminine and Soft

How To Be More Feminine and Soft – Here are 5 Relationship Experts Tips + Insights

In today’s world of go, go, go and rush, rush, rush, it is hard to nurture our feminine side! For me it is about balancing the yin and the yang energy within myself. Yin energy is the feminine. It is the soft, nurturing, creative, quiet, and intuitive side of us. Yang energy is the masculine. It is aggressive, task oriented, warlike energy. Yang energy does not just apply to military action but also being at war with running a household, getting the list of “to-do’s” done, or with your own family. Both men and women have both yin and yang energy.

How To Overcome Resentment In a Relationship

How To Overcome Resentment in a Relationship – 5 Relationship Experts Share Their Insights

Resentment in a relationship can be an intimacy killer and consequently cause massive rifts between partners. It is an absolute must that the core resentment issues are openly and clearly communicated about as soon as possible. To withhold communication is to start digging the relationship grave. Resentment can burrow deep and left untended long term can be very difficult to move past.

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