Day: March 20, 2020

How To Release Emotional Baggage

How To Release Emotional Baggage – 10 Powerfully Effective Tips Revealed Inside

Emotional baggage is all about fear – Fear of repeating mistakes; fear of hurt being inflicted upon you and fear of being blindsided again by whatever travesty you lived through previously. While fear is a very real and very human emotion, it can be totally debilitating, taking a healthy relationship full of possibilities and halting it under the weight of your memories.

How To Stop Being Possessive of My Boyfriend

How To Stop Being Possessive of My Boyfriend – 10 Relationship Experts Reveal Amazingly Effective Strategies To Overcome Possessiveness

The need to be possessive of a partner regardless of the reason is related to the need for power and control within a relationship. At the root of the need to control a partner as it relates to their involvement with other people in their lives is the jealous partners fear of abandonment. This fear can date back to an individual’s childhood or may have had a previous partner as an adult that cheated and betrayed their trust, which led to the breakup of the relationship.

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