Day: May 5, 2020

I Have a Boyfriend But I am Lonely

I Have a Boyfriend But I’m Lonely – 5 Relationship Experts Share Exactly What To Do

If a woman is in a relationship and still feels lonely, it is very possible that she is intentionally keeping a part of herself from him (dysfunctional family dynamics, past mistakes, etc.) or feels she can’t let him see all of who she really is out of fear. There is a very common fear that, “If this person really knew me, they wouldn’t love me” and that can leave us feeling extremely lonely. Once we identify that this is happening, what comes next?

How To Believe You Will Find Love Again

How To Believe You Will Find Love Again – A Relationship Expert Reveals Exactly What To Do

If you have recently gone through a divorce or a break up, you may be worried that you will never find love again. Being in a painful marriage which ends in divorce can often leave women feeling unloved, or worse, unlovable. Feeling sad, confused, lonely, betrayed, angry? These are all feelings that women report as they navigate the painful process of divorce, but feeling unlovable can be one of the most painful.

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