Day: November 6, 2020

How To Open Yourself To Love

How To Open Yourself To Love – 4 Relationships Expert Reveal Their Best Tips + Strategies

After having “loved and lost” myself and helped countless women with their relationship struggles, losses, doubts and insecurities, here are a few insights to help you in your “journey of love.”

1. Recognize that fear is limiting you.

Be aware that fear is based on past experiences that keep you feeling, thinking and behaving in a way that is no longer working. Realize that fears in a relationship stem from what you “think” might happen, not necessarily what will happen.

How To Fix a Relationship After You Cheated

How To Fix a Relationship After You Cheated – 4 Experts Reveal Their Best Tips + Insights

You need to HEAL, that simple.

After a betrayal in a romantic partnership the relationship needs a lot of attention. Good news is, many couples can heal from infidelity. In fact, that’s my bread and butter – helping couples navigate their partnership and heal after a deep wound.

Where do you start? I’ve been asked this question time and time again so I’ll summarize four key steps for you to do if you were the one who cheated. If you’ve been cheated on, let’s save that convo for another day because there are actually key things for YOU to do as well.

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